I am extremely satisfied with the experience I’ve had meeting with Nate.

I am 26 and have been dating regularly for a while. I consider myself a likable person and dating hasn’t necessarily difficult for me. However, I always had a lot of anxieties about dating and had a hard time making commitments. Meeting with Nate was helpful because I was able to see some of the things that were causing my anxieties; once you know what’s causing a problem, you can do something about it. It was comforting to know that others dealt with the same struggles and that there was something I could do about it.
Nate gave me tools to manage my anxieties and even practical suggestions for openly communicating in dating. He manages a great balance between professionalism (he really knows his stuff) and friendliness (he shares his own struggles and genuinely cares).
If you feel like dating is hard, talk with Nate! It is easily worth your money.