We all go through experiences that distort our perception of reality. In the world of dating, this distortion can become a hurt that keeps hurting. After several relationships that left me hurting including a broken engagement. I walked away believing the distorted idea that I was responsible for all the heartbreak. I was terrified to even interact with men because if they liked me I would be responsible for hurting them as well. The thought of any more guilt piling up on my back was demobilizing. My fun-loving personality was smothered with fear, a hurt that keeps hurting.
I had been seeking and praying for help when I got the opportunity to learn from Nate. I decided to be brave and be honest about my concerns. He was fun and energetic; I never felt uncomfortable or like something was wrong with me. He walked me through several things but I think I could summarize it by saying he helped me gain a realistic vision on human interactions. In just one night I felt like I was able to change the way I thought about myself and those around me. The guilt fell off my back on to the floor and I have no plans of letting it back on my back!
I went in with specific needs but I’m sure these teachings can bless anyone willing to try even if their needs are drastically different.
Thank you for everything Nate!