Date Ideas

Make hot chocolate and add different random dessert toppings. Then give the drink you just created to your date and go on a winter walk. Try to guess what your date put in your hot chocolate


Make a creative backdrop out of paper or a sheet. Then make 2 dimensional paper hats and things on sticks to hold up while taking pictures. Download a photo booth app with the photo strip format. Go to Walgreen’s or Walmart and get them printed off!

kids again

Go to the library and each pick a favorite children’s books to read to each other using different character voices. Let the books lead the conversation into other fun things about each others childhood. Top it off with enjoying a favorite childhood candy or treat!


Group date where each couple splits off from the group with a cart and collects 5 random items. Every couple will then meet back at a decided location in the store, exchange carts, and race to see who can put all the items back first.


Make your own Bingo Boards. They can include nose pickers, someone wearing a hat, elderly couple holdings hands, kid throwing a tantrum. Make sure to make the boards different so you don’t win at the same time!


Shop together for 12 inch tortillas, and whatever sauce and toppings you want. Deli counter for least expensive meats. Put the oven on broil and take turns sharing favorite songs while cooking.


Rake Grandma’s leaves and play in them. Bring a king size sheet to put over the biggest pile and then jump on it like a giant bean bag.


Double date at the mall. Bring 10 slips of paper and pens. Each couple takes 5 slips, then goes to 4 different stores and hides a slip of paper in each with a clue of where to go. Its easiest to make it in reverse order. It’s also fun to ask employees to take the clue and only give it to the other couple if they sing to them or give them a password. The final clue leads to a place where the couple meet up for dessert. That’s the treasure;)


Take a tiki torch and fresh cornstarch or powdered sugar, put it in your mouth and immediately blow a puff diagonally up just a few inches from the flame! Make sure to take pictures!


Get watercolors and brushes from the dollar store. Go to a restaurant and order an appetizer. Lay an empty cereal box horizontally between you and your date. Then on normal printer paper you each do your best to paint portraits of each-other and give them as a gift afterwards!


Swap traditional ingredients for Golden Grahams/Cinnamon Toast Crunch, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows over candles.


Double Date. Borrow or buy twister and 2 cans of cheap shaving cream. Download the twister spinner app that says commands out loud. Lay mat outside. Cover majority of each colored circle in shaving cream. Then let the slippery tournament begin. If a shaving cream fight doesn’t eventually start, then you’re doing it wrong;)


Use sidewalk chalk to draw simple settings you lay in and get someone to take pictures of you from a 2nd or 3rd story up. For Example, enjoy seeing yourself flying over a cartoon city or among the stars with parachutes, capes, or wings!


Buy a watermelon, a cantaloupe and a few other fruits. hollow out the melon’s and carve them as you would a pumpkin. Then combine the melon guts and other fruit into a fruit salad. Put candles in the melons and enjoy your dessert!


Make boats out of tin foil, tape and other materials then race them down the river. Put in army people to see who survives.


This one is always voted “The Cutest!”