Dating is a QUEST!

questFor those who feel like dating is toxic:

Dating is not toxic. Dating is an exciting and growth stimulating QUEST to find a portion of the limitless treasure that you have been promised. The way is fraught with serious challenges that can help you become much better than you were before. The way is also fraught with fun things to do. There are opportunities to stop, feel pure joy, and celebrate when others are blessed to find a portion of this treasure that they can make their own. You have three companions that will never leave you. One is a Comforter that also has a map and a rule-book that you get to study whenever you want. Another frequently reminds you of your Divine identity and purpose as His child. He assures you that you are meant to succeed and He promises that you will. The Third heals you when you need it, provides food and nourishment to instill you with strength beyond your own, and sacrifices His own well-being continuously in the face of dangers and and consequences that you should have avoided. Your ultimate destiny cannot be achieved without this Treasure, so continue on, on to victory and the adventures that you’ll embark on thereafter!